Fallon Construction Services

Curbs and Gutters

Our Company is about promoting face lifts to business fronts and functional repairs in curb/gutter and also storm sewer catch basin repairs.

We can handle small repairs or large jobs such as replacing entire curbs.

Curbs are important in keeping your parking lot or street from flooding. They also keep the “Curb Appeal” of a store front or parking lot. 

Concrete gutters help keep water flowing and draining properly. If the water isn’t drained properly, it can cause damage to the subgrade resulting in sinking or heaving concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Fallon Construction Services specializes in curb and gutter repair and replacement in order to keep your property looking visually appealing and to help keep everything draining properly.

Fallon Construction Services is licensed to perform all of your curbs and gutter repair projects.

Please reach out to us to inspect your catch basins. A small repair now will save you a complete over haul later.